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“I need to think like a business owner!”

How many of us have felt this way? Today I’m talking with Jacqueline Fisch, a copywriter, editor, and author from Chicago. We’re diving into Jacqueline’s journey from being laid off three times, to making a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur and freelancer. Jacqueline will be talking about how to set boundaries and stay sane while turning your side hustle into a thriving business.

Tune in for some great tips on strategy, mindset, and getting the work done.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • The journey from corporate employee to thriving business owner (3:25)
  • Setting yourself up to win in business (14:35)
  • Building a side business as a mom and full-time corporate employee (21:28)
  • Going from writer to business owner (25:11)
  • Outsmarting the hustle and setting boundaries (29:55)
  • The power of stability (39:48)
  • Strategies for setting revenue goals (44:03)
  • Upleveling with a coach (46:18)

Insights from Jacqueline:

What’s a must-read for impact entrepreneurs?

What’s the single-most important trait for entrepreneurs?

  • Focus and Deep Work.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

  • I want myself to be the most interesting person I’ve met. If I’m bored, I’m probably boring and need to keep things interesting for myself.

What are you better at than anyone else?

  • Balancing business and emotion.

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you about?

  • My opt-ins on my website are totally free, and a lot of coaches and experts don’t agree with me on that.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

  • Get out from behind your laptop, get off the couch, and go out there and do stuff.

Do you have any ‘asks’ or requests of the audience?

  • If anyone in your audience is having a hard time with their writing, I’m offering 30 minutes to chat and work through whatever has you stuck – I’ll help you write your way out of that sentence.

Mentioned in This Episode:

About Jacqueline Fisch:

Jacquline Fisch is a writer for creative entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or patience for writing and have a business to grow, helping them make money in their business and attract their dream clients.

Before launching her writing business, Jacqueline spent more than 13 years working in corporate communications and management consulting.

Jacqueline is passionate about helping entrepreneurs drop the fussy writing and jargon and instead communicate authentically, letting their personality shine through, and always in the simplest way possible.

Jacqueline lives near Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, two spirited little kids, and a small chicken farm.

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