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What would your life & business look like if you were completely aligned with your deepest purpose and you followed your life’s calling? Visionary empath and integrative healer, Danielle LaRock, joins me to discuss the importance of blending a strong, tactically-sound business strategy with wholeness and true alignment. Danielle dishes on the effects of “Shaman Sickness” and the realization that friction in your life and business doesn’t mean you’re broken, but that you’re being called to your true higher calling.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • What a 500-mile Appalachian Trail hike taught Danielle (4:40)
  • The relationship between purpose and healing (7:30)
  • How an auto-immune diagnosis started a self-exploration journey  (15:04)
  • What Shaman Sickness is and how it impacts us (20:08)
  • Taking ownership of being out of alignment (24:40)
  • How misalignment shows itself in business (30:30)
  • 3 foundational elements to aligning with your purpose (36:45)
  • How Danielle is combining service & healing  (50:28)

“It’s more about bringing YOU out in your work, rather than trying to fit into a box.” 

– Danielle LaRock

Insights from Danielle:

What’s a must-read for impact entrepreneurs?

What’s the single-most important trait for entrepreneurs?

  • Tenacity

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

  • My partner Jonathan

What are you better at than anyone else?

  • Being myself

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you about?

  • We are the ones who create our own suffering

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

  • Keep it simple & be yourself

Do you have any ‘asks’ or requests of the audience?

Mentioned in This Episode:

About Danielle LaRock:

After an autoimmune disorder diagnosis at eleven years old, and years of trying to find the answer to her pain, Danielle LaRock was determined to be herself and help others. Danielle began to live life outside the ‘box’ and found the more she followed her path, the more her body healed. The more she chose to be herself, the more she helped others.

Danielle says “the journey of healing is the realization that we are already whole” and uses this as a foundational element in the Heal You Project, where she uses her process of “Feel, Heal, and get Real” to show others that aligning with your life’s calling & purpose is a gift to yourself AND the world.

“ Once you get that your work is your opportunity to realize your greatest human potential, everything about how you ‘show up’ in your business will change.” 

– Michael Knouse

Challenge of the Week: If you’re feeling stuck, in any way, apply for one of the 5 spots offered in Danielle’s Heal You Project.

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