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Most entrepreneurs are earning far less than they deserve to be making and are working far harder than they should be. Why?!

This week’s episode focuses on the vital questions we must – as entrepreneurs – answer, in order to create a scalable business that will give us the impact, lifestyle and freedom we’re searching for. Why will some entrepreneurs never get past survival mode (or even stability mode)? Is your business model solely dependent on whether you’re constantly in “hustle-mode”? What’s holding you back?

This week’s episode shakes out the four biggest business-killers for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

 Show Highlights

Obstacle #1: You lack a powerful identity (9:17)

Without a powerful identity, you have ZERO. COMPETITIVE. ADVANTAGE.

Obstacle #2: You rely on pure “hustle” to get clients (11:20)

If you’re relying on pure hustle to get clients…  your business will likely never achieve any sustainable or predictable revenue growth.

Obstacle #3: You lack a proven model or framework (13:48)

Have you ever noticed that the preeminent thought leaders in a given space almost always have a proven model or framework that they are known for?

Mike Michaelowicz has Profit First
Marie Forleo has B-School
Michael Port has Book Yourself Solid and Heroic Public Speaking
Seth Godin has altMBA
Sally Hogshead has How To Fascinate
Lewis Howes has The School of Greatness

Obstacle #4: You are neglecting (or unaware of) your ideal business model (17:30)

Contrary to what the culture of (insert your industry) wants you to believe… your business doesn’t need to be defined by what others are doing.

Depending on where you’re at in your journey, you might just need to slow down for a moment and say…

– How can I get my head out of the sand for just a minute?
– How can I accept the truth of where I am and where I want to go?
– How can I make a plan and execute?

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Challenge this Week: Consider what you want to stand for and how you can streamline your business. It’s important to end the mindless hustle and begin planning the next steps your business. If you want some help, sign up for a Complimentary Strategy Session.

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