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This year has been filled with many firsts and many lessons learned. I know, I know… the year isn’t over yet, but I wanted to share some of the most valuable business lessons that I’ve learned so far. This episode is short, 11-minutes, and there are some nuggets that have truly helped my business become more sustainable and FUN!

 Show Highlights

Lesson #1: Try new things (0:30)

After years of 1:1 coaching, I decided to launch and run a new peer-based community called The Council of Visionary Business Builders. I discuss the impact this had on my business and how I’m structuring this group moving forward.

Lesson #2: Stop trying to do all-the-things (1:59)

I stopped trying to do all-the-things and hired a business manager. Hiring my business manager (LJ Seeger) has empowered me to spend more time working ON my business and less time working IN my business. I talk about what else I’ve been able to do now that I’m not the sole implementor in my business.

Lesson #3: Track the money (4:10)

I hired a money ninja! Technically, she’s a bookkeeper but I call her my money ninja because she tracks all the money; where it comes from and where it all goes. She’s, quite frankly, a magician! I discuss exactly how & why it’s helped me.

Lesson #4: Raise the rates (5:49)

This has actually been a recurring theme for me over the past couple of years. It’s not comfortable for me yet it’s consistently been one of the best things I do for my business. Raising the rates can be tricky but it’s essential if you’re a service-based entrepreneur.

Lesson #5: Lifestyle first (8:15)

Finally, one of the reasons I left the corporate game and started my own business was to have more freedom over my own time, money and life. Let me tell you, this is a very slippery slope. How do you balance it all – have lifestyle freedom while also delivering top value for your clients? My lessons learned are all in this week’s episode.

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Challenge this Week: Are you scheduling your business around your lifestyle? Life is short! Take action on any one of the five lessons above and improve both your life and your business.

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