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What do you do when your bank account is minus $40 and what you’ve tried up until now hasn’t worked? Throw in the towel? Not so, says Allen Brouwer of BestSelfCo! Allen and I discuss how to dig into your business with focus and clarity and leverage outside resources to ensure that you are operating in your zone of genius.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • Taking 100% control of your life & situation: going from your lowest point to success by building yourself up (2:23)
  • BestSelfCo: How it all started (5:35)
  • Focusing on small wins until you reach your BIG win (10:05)
  • Making a plan: what can you do today that will help you make progress tomorrow (14: 45)
  • The 13 Week Roadmap: Achieving your goal by creating constraints (16:29)
  • Getting in the FLOW of things: Methodology over Hacks (19:55)
  • Scaling your business: Is outsourcing always the BEST option? (26:00)
  • The actions that led to business growth for Allen (34:30)
  • Perseverance: The KEY to success (35:57)

“I was really down in the dumps. I had been struggling to start several companies, and it just wasn’t working. I finally had enough, and I said, ‘Today is the last day I’m going to feel this way’. ”

-Allen Brouwer

Insights from Allen:

What’s one word that best describes how you work?

  • Methodical

What are you currently reading?

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

  • Being me

What’s your best time-saving trick?

  •  Outsourcing

 What idea or belief do very few people agree with you on?

  • That life is abundant

What’s the best business advice that you’ve received?

  • Just do the work and don’t cut corners

Do you have any specific asks or requests of the audience?

  • Take action on your dreams
  • Join me on Facebook 

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About Allen Brouwer:

Allen currently operates 2 businesses (and admits, depending on when you read this, he may be dabbling in a few more). He’s the owner and operator of AKB Enterprise, and also wears the hat of “creative director.” At AKB, he focuses on getting results for clients through online marketing strategies while leveraging a small team of contractors.

Allen is also the co-founder of BestSelf.co.  He helps people get the most out of their lives, gain control of their future, & bring more freedom to their jam-packed world.

Having recorded the heartbreaking and difficult ‘valleys’ of entrepreneurship in 2015, Allen now shares these videos with the world to encourage other small business owners to press on, and encourage them to find focus and clarity on their path to success.  His “Rock Bottom” video specifically details the day he made a fundamental shift.  After that day, Allen says the small wins started coming. He was able to leave his job and focus on his start-ups which led to multiple successes in business.

“It’s time to elevate from business operator to business owner.”

 Allen Brouwer

Challenge of the Week: Leverage the experience, skills and resources you have to make progress with greater ease. The likely result? Things will happen more quickly!

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