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DSC_0187_2Vince Lombardi famously stated that “Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.” And this should be a welcome reminder to those of us that are inspired to learn and get better.

My guest this week is Caleb Dean, Founder and Director of Owl Fox & Dean. Caleb believes that leadership is a cultivated practice rather than an innate ability and that every person has the potential to be a great leader in their field.

Caleb has masterfully combined his passion for leadership development, sustainability, systems design, and community to found a creative strategy and design collective on the West Coast.

Caleb and his team help their clients gain clarity around what is, imagine what can be, and implement what will be with clear vision and purpose.

Listen in as Caleb unleashes a bounty of wisdom and clarity on what it takes to establish yourself as a creative entrepreneur.

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In this interview Caleb will discus:

  • How to blend all of your interests and skills into a business that delivers tremendous value.
  • Understanding how to leverage the mindset of abundance vs. scarcity.
  • How to offer a fair exchange of value to jumpstart your business.
  • Why it pays to not take yourself too seriously!
  • How to identify your core strengths and put them to use.
  • The importance of clarity of vision and clarity of purpose.
  • Why going too big, too soon, is often a big mistake.
  • Finding the sweet spot between clarity of vision and purpose.
  • The importance of just getting in the game with your minimum viable product.
  • The top three leadership practices for any entrepreneur.
  • Caleb’s #1 suggestion for someone who is shy or hesitant about embracing a leadership role.
  • How to ask for clarity when you need it.
  • Hear about Caleb’s most recent adventure (Hint: It involves solo-adventuring and renewing the soul!)

Whether you’re in the early stages of building a business or just contemplating the idea of hanging out your shingle, Caleb will help you gain clarity and inspire your vision for greatness. This is a must for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.





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