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As an entrepreneur, you face many challenges every day. How you respond to those challenges often determines your level of success.

This week, Peter Shallard (aka the Shrink for Entrepreneurs) is here to guide you towards the mindset and action that it will take to perform consistently at a high level. We’ll also dig into Peter’s own business story and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

 “Entrepreneurship is the premier vehicle for human personal development and growth.” – Peter Shallard

Highlights of This Episode:

  • How Peter became an accidental expert in the field of Business Psychology.
  • Peter discusses the key mindset differentiators for successful entrepreneurs.
  • Why Peter believes that entrepreneurship is a learned behavior.
  • How to avoid getting stuck in a rut.
  • Every evolution of Peter’s business was a result of trying something new.
  • Peter shares how he used experimentation to create his latest business.
  • The importance of executing on the ideas you already have.
  • You’re not supposed to build a business alone.

Insights From Peter:

What’s one word that best describes how you work?

  • Momentum

What are you currently reading?

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

  • Setting priorities

What is your best time saving trick?

  • Scheduling several hours each morning for the most important work.

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you on? 

  • Entrepreneurs don’t have a shortage of information or tactics.

What’s the best business advice that you’ve ever received?

  • Do un-scalable things until you can’t do them any longer.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About Peter Shallard: 

Peter Shallard is The Shrink for Entrepreneurs – he works with some of the world’s highest achieving business owners as therapist and confidante. He is also the founder of Commit Action – a concierge goal setting and accountability service for small business owners.

Question of The Day: How good are you at executing on the ideas you already have?

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