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Zo-Tobi-2012-11-Shoot-by-Leo-Vazquez-0053Imagine a life where you get to do the things you love most while making a difference in the world. This is the life that Zo Tobi has been creating step-by-step for himself. It didn’t start out this way for him, but over time Zo has learned how to become a visionary entrepreneur and changemaker.

Zo is a rare combination of songwriter, coach, and social movement organizer. He offers socially conscious rock music along with life and leadership coaching to inspire, empower, and refuel changemakers.

If you are longing to thrive while making the difference you feel that you’re here to make, Zo’s stories and wisdom will propel you forward.

In this episode, you’ll gain deep insights into the mindset and actions required to make a living from what you truly love.

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In this interview Zo will discuss:

  • How he fused the most important things together to create a meaningful business and a thriving life.
  • What is a “Changemaker” and what is their role in society today?
  • How to take action without struggle. What a concept!
  • Why it is within reach for each of us, to take action to create what we really want.
  • How to move past burnout when it seems like things will never get better.
  • What to do when you have doubts about leaving something great for something unknown.
  • What to do when your “Monkey Mind” is screaming the loudest.
  • The antidote to any fear, doubt or challenge.
  • How the gateway to grace is always gratitude.
  • How to be a visionary entrepreneur.
  • His powerful story about embracing the moment and asking for support – how this allowed him to enroll the ideal manager for his music business.
  • Am I willing to ask for the support I need?
  • Embracing fear and using it as a reference point to understand that we are on the path to something bigger and better.
  • Hear about Zo’s most recent adventure (Hint: It involves a speedo, Twin Peaks and watching the sunrise!)

If you’re just starting to ‘wake up’ to your potential for creating a more meaningful life, this episode will give you the inspiration to turn your ideas into action. And if you’re already out there working to make a difference, this episode will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing.



  • An incredible offer from Zo! Viewers and listeners of The Startup Sessions will receive a complimentary 60 minute coaching session with Zo. He will examine your life vision and you will come away with clear next steps to move forward with clarity and purpose. Go here to sign up now.
  • Zo Tobi – Zo’s website for socially conscious rock music + life and leadership coaching to inspire, empower & refuel changemakers.
  • Zo’s Music – Zo Tobi plays a soul-stirring, crowd-rousing brand of socially conscious rock music that will inspire, empower, and refuel you.
  • Zo’s Coaching – Thrive, while creating the lasting impact you would love to make.
  • Thriving Changemaker Summit – The Thriving Changemaker Summit is a transformational 4-day training to give you tools and skills to bring clear vision, focused action, and greater ease & fulfillment to your life and your work for social change — and to empower others to do the same.
  • Connect with Zo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube



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