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Hillary Rubin provides insight into what it takes to create a business while being true to ourselves, embracing our fears, and making the best of our current situation.

 “If you’re in business and you haven’t done the inner work, you’re essentially building a mansion on a swamp.”

Highlights of This Episode:

  • Hillary’s story of overcoming defeat, adversity and misfortune.
  • Owning your relationship with money and knowing thyself.
  • The importance of knowing your avoidance behavior.
  • Everyone has a deeper layer under their fear that’s important to understand.
  • What is business alignment and why is it important.
  • We aren’t trained to see the value in the thing that comes most naturally to us.
  • Nothing is going to materialize unless you move an idea into action.
  • The key question to ask when contemplating a pivot or change in your business.
  • Knowing when to push and when to move on.
  • Why it’s important to look back and take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve learned.

Insights From Hillary:

What’s one word that best describes how you work?

  • Intuitively

What are you currently reading?

What every day thing are you better at than anyone else?

  • I see the patterns, how things are connected and how to leverage them and make them better.

What’s your best time saving trick?

  • As a mom, I do my food shopping on Sunday night.

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you on?

  • I believe our only life purpose is to eat, poop, sleep and pro-create. Everything else is play.

 What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

  • If one person will buy what you have, then more will too.

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About Hillary Rubin:

Hillary Rubin is a spiritual life and business coach, mentor, creator of the Art of Becoming a Coach Training Program as well as the host for The Art of Business for Coaches Podcast. Her message is that you can transform your past, create your future, and start living fully as you create your life and business richly in the present.

Through overcoming some tough life experiences, Hillary realized that she had the power to change and design a truly fulfilling life where she uses all of her gifts, talents and experiences.

Question of The Day: What would need to shift for you to stop settling and step into the fullest expression of YOU?

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