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What does it take to build genuine and meaningful business connections? We all know that business success depends largely on our ability to connect with others both in-person and online. In this episode you’ll learn how to master the art of building meaningful business connections that last.

“How can you serve others if you don’t know what they need and want?” – Patrick Galvin

Highlights of This Episode:

  • Patrick describes learning a painful lesson about traditional advertising and marketing and how this caused him to consider a different approach.
  • How Patrick used his natural sense of curiosity to his advantage.
  • Finding the balance between connecting face-to-face as well as online.
  • Using the power of social media to initiate a more personal connection with your tribe.
  • How to break through all the noise to get your newer business noticed.
  • How can you deliver amazing value without asking for any money?
  • The power of referal based business.
  • If you provide a great service for your clients, be sure to ask them for referrals. Otherwise, you’re missing out!
  • The importance of dedicating even 30 minutes a week to building meaningful connections.
  • The story of how Patrick came to write ‘The Connector’s Way.’

Insights From Patrick:

Most influential book?

What is your business superpower?

  • Helping businesses discover and implement highly effective ways to build repeat and referred business.

What bold promise can you make to everyone you meet?

  • I’m always going to provide them with enthusiasm and ideas that can help move them closer to achieving their business goals.

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you on?

  • I think every state in our country should be willing to fund someone’s year-abroad experience in high school.

What do you most want to be remembered for?

  • Leaving the world a much better place for having been here.

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About Patrick Galvin:

connectors wayPatrick Galvin is the co-founder and Chief Galvanizer of The Galvanizing Group, a relationship marketing company in Portland, Oregon. Patrick enjoys galvanizing individuals and companies to create connections that increase loyalty, referrals, and sales without advertising.

Patrick is also an accomplished professional speaker and served as president of the Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Since 2004, he has delivered hundreds of presentations to associations and companies throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. He inspires people to integrate their face-to-face and online networking activities and also speaks on branding, word of mouth marketing, customer service, and public relations.

In March 2016, Patrick published a new book The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time, a parable about a struggling business owner who discovers simple yet effective ways to cultivate relationships in the real world and online that fuel his success.

“What people really remember is how you make them feel.” – Patrick Galvin

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