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1512726_10152542886133642_1165817713_nEvery once in a while I encounter someone that challenges the status quo and makes me feel like a better person just because I had a conversation with them. David Romanelli is that kind of person.

I’m super excited about sharing this week’s episode which features ‘Yeah Dave’ Romanelli. I think you’ll really enjoy this one because David will let you in on a few secrets for enjoying the present moment and living a happier life.

My interview with David can be characterized as an exercise in appreciating the wonder, joy and beauty of each moment. I’m so grateful to David for sharing this message because it’s a powerful one that’s needed more than ever.

When was the last time you got totally lost in the present moment? David inspires us to use everyday pleasures to find a moment away from the stress of the day.

David is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, dynamic entrepreneur, best selling author, and all-around expert on living in the moment.

Join me in this episode where you will discover how to slow down, breathe and get a better handle on life without having to make crazy lifestyle changes. David believes that all it takes is one moment away from the stress of the day to shift the energy from dreading to dreaming, from fearing to hoping, from grinding to living. And I believe him!

David will discus:

  • How he turned his first yoga experience into an exciting journey of learning to enjoy the present moment.
  • The power of fusing all the things you love into one unforgettable moment.
  • The importance of integrating your personal style into your offering to the world.
  • Dave’s mission to make wellness and yoga more accessible to everyone.
  • Why taking a leap of faith is paramount to happiness and success.
  • Key resources for anyone on the path of more meaning.
  • The value of the present moment and how to create time for it.
  • How to calm yourself from the fear and anxiety that grips so many of us.
  • How do you answer this question: Are you enjoying your life?
  • Giving your brain a daily massage through meditation.
  • Are you sitting on a whale while fishing for minnows?
  • Meditation for the rest of us via MeditateOn.com! (Coming soon)
  • What it means to go ‘all in’ and why this is an important key to thriving at what you set out to do.
  • Why moving through fear is so much different than running from it.
  • Hear about David’s most recent big adventure (Hint: It involves a very big hike in a 70 million year-old landmark!).

We are increasingly desperate for ways to help us slow down and enjoy a more grounded life. I invite you to check out David’s resources below to learn how to show up fully and embrace the moments that matter most.

And if you prefer audio only, you can listen and subscribe to The Startup Sessions podcast on iTunes! 



  • Yeah Dave! – David’s website where you can find out about all things wonderful including his schedule, blog, books, courses, coaching and programs.
  • The Yeah Dave Show on uLive! – Experience the One Minute Hug Movement.
  • Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment – Yeah Dave’s book offers an alternative to the crazy, over-stimulating, distracted world we live in today, a world in which we watch the news while eating, eye our email while conversing, and forget to notice the full moon while texting. On our mission for speed, movement, and stimulation, we risk missing our life. Yeah Dave’s book gives us our life back, one beautiful, delicious, and funny moment at a time.
  • COMING SOON! Yeah Dave’s MeditateOn – David’s soon-to-be released mediation experience mentioned in the episode.
  • ALSO COMING SOON! David’s upcoming new book: HAPPY IS THE NEW HEALTHY: 29 Ways to Celebrate Life NOW!
  • Connect with David on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, PinterestInstagram



Listen and subscribe to The Startup Sessions podcast on iTunes! 


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