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What do you want your life to look like?

  • Do you want to work in a cozy home office, outdoors, on a live-aboard boat, in a tool-filled workshop or a sunny studio?
  • What time do you want to wake up?
  • Would you prefer the predictability of being at the same place each day or do you crave a more flexible schedule?
  • Do you want to work alone, in a partnership, or as part of (or head of!) a small team?

This week I am incredibly excited to welcome career coach, award-winning author, and leading career advice expert, Valerie Young, to the show.

Valerie-Young1-199x300Valerie has made a career of teaching others how to discover work that feeds their soul and pays the bills. She’s helped thousands of people figure out how to translate their interests and passions into real income.

Valerie is the founder of ChangingCourse.com where she inspires her 32,000-plus subscribers to make a living doing what they love without a job.

She has an amazing talent for identifying money-making opportunities that people can put into action right away, and in this episode she shares lots of tips for figuring out how you can start making a side income or turn your ideas into a business that gives you the life you want.

Valerie will discus:

  • How the death of her mother gave her a major wake-up call that eventually led to a new and exciting career.
  • The importance of having a transition strategy from your job to entrepreneur.
  • Testing the waters by starting a small project on the side.
  • Real examples of creating multiple income streams to replace your day job income. These are probably available to you right now!
  • Ideas for creating flexibility in your corporate job to make room for starting a business on the side.
  • The importance of combining your interests with a specific need in the marketplace.
  • Valerie’s Life First, Work Second Strategy. This is a powerful concept that will forever change how you view work.
  • How to think bigger than you normally do!
  • The five doors available for entrepreneurs to walk through. This will give you so much clarity for moving forward with your startup idea.
  • Why there’s no longer an excuse or a better time for starting your own meaningful business.
  • Why so many of us feel like ‘who am I to start a business’ and how to deal with this disruptive belief. 
  • Why half ass is better than no ass! 🙂
  • Encouraging people not to be job snobs.
  • How higher education tends to fuel self doubt.
  • Hear about Valerie’s latest adventure (Hint: it involves a very recent move, selecting a hands on project, and adding value to her new home).

This is one of the most advice-driven episodes yet, and I think you’ll come out of it with new inspiration for identifying the business of your dreams.

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  • Changing Course – Valerie’s website where you can find all of her work including her books, courses and programs.
  • Profiting From Your Passions – Valerie’s unique training program where you can get paid to help people brainstorm and think outside the box.
  • Impostor Syndrome – For the millions of professional women (and men) who experience the confidence-zapping “Impostor Syndrome,” Valerie Young offers an empowering plan to overcome the needless self-doubt that keeps them from feeling as intelligent and competent as everyone else knows they are.
  • Connect with Valerie on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube



Listen and subscribe to The Startup Sessions podcast on iTunes! 


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