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This week’s guest isn’t new to The Startup Sessions. Andrea Leda was featured in Episode 47 and is back with me today to talk about the many changes that have happened since her first appearance.

“If you’re not enjoying it, why are you doing it?”

Andrea Leda is a Spiritual Coach, writer, speaker, Journal Teacher and Guide. Andrea has made it her purpose to help conscious entrepreneurs and soul seekers become grounded and offer their greatest gifts to the world in a very real, natural and joyful way.

Andrea combines powerful coaching with her intuitive gifts to help us fully realize our potential and understand that we don’t interact with the world by watching it, but rather by how we see it.

In this episode, Andrea will discuss how she stepped into her own power by embracing her true calling and making it the nucleus of her work.

“What resistance are you allowing to dictate where you go instead of your truth?”

If you feel that you’re right on the edge of offering your very best to the world, this discussion might just be the nudge that allows you to take a deep breath and make the leap towards the most authentic version of YOU.

And I’m doing something totally new in this episode that I’ve never done before. I’m collaborating with my guest on January 19th and offering a live coaching workshop called Creating a Business with Soul. Be sure to tell us if you’re interested in this event and we’ll send you the details.

 Andrea answers the Lightning Round:

What has been the most influential book for you?

What is your business super power?

  • Intuition and belief in your goodness.

What bold promise can you make to everyone that you meet?

  • To be kind to you, to believe in you, and to ONLY stand for the grandest version of your greatest life.

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you on?

  • The world is one big virtual reality, and we are not innocent bystanders. You are creating the life that you want through how you see the world.

If you could call yourself five years ago, and only had 30 seconds, what would you say? 

  • Stop quitting, trust your gut and take a deep breath because you have big work to do.

Show Highlights

  • What it means to nurture your roots. Andrea discusses her roots to fruits concept.
  • Andrea shares a powerful story of how nurturing your roots can lead to astounding results.
  • The power of setting boundaries and taking a stand.
  • What it really means to be yourSelf.
  • Andrea talks about getting out of her own way and finally showing up as the most powerful version of herself.
  • Making space for the “Hell Yeah” opportunities by saying “No.”
  • The power of consciously designing your life around joy.
  • If you’re feeling really stuck in business or life, Andrea asks some key questions that will undoubtedly move in the direction of more joy and clarity.

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Question: What would it feel like to consciously design your business and life around joy? 

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