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Are you caught in the trap of trading time for dollars? And, have you taken the steps to protect your business assets?

My guest this week will share the benefits of turning services into successful products along with revealing the top legal mistakes of entrepreneurs.

“Take care of your business so that it can take care of you.”

Rachel Rodgers has been disrupting the legal industry since 2010 with her bold and innovative ideas. Rachel is a business lawyer, intellectual property strategist, creator of Small Business Bodyguard, and Founder of Rodgers Collective, a non-traditional law firm in New York City.

If you’re starting a business, running a business, or selling anything online – or off – you can’t afford to ignore your business’ legal needs. Make 2016 the year that you take care of the legal stuff correctly and quickly, so you can keep doing the work you love with confidence and peace of mind.

Show Highlights

  • Rachel shares how she disrupted the legal services industry.
  • Infuse your personality into your product and people will buy.
  • How Rachel made the transition from billable client work to productizing services.
  • Rachel explains how she leveraged existing content to create Small Business Bodyguard.
  • The biggest advantages of productizing a service and diversifying your business income.
  • Rachel shares the most important steps for covering your ass as an entrepreneur.
  • The biggest legal mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

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Question: How well is your business protected? What are the next steps you can take to protect your business and your brand?

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