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Welcome to episode 100!

It’s been quite a ride. And as I reflect back on 100 podcast episodes, it’s a challenge to collect my thoughts around all that I’ve learned from speaking with 100 amazing entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and business builders.

The thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t be here without the support of YOU! I’ve had so many encouraging comments, emails and messages saying how much these podcast episodes have meant to you. So as long as you’re receiving value from these conversations, I’ll keep them coming. Week after week!

My guest this week believes that for us to have a strong business, we need to build a strong, strategic community around us. Pamela Slim is an award winning author, speaker and business consultant. She’s been serving her clients as an entrepreneur for 20 years.

Pamela has several best-selling books, including Escape From Cubicle Nation and Body of Work. Pamela has worked with large corporations, start-ups, non-profits and entrepreneurs to help people do meaningful work and bring out their contributions to the world.

“Be strategic on how you approach building partnerships and relationships with your business.”

Back in 2011 when I was still working at my corporate job, I attended the very first World Domination Summit where I had the privilege of hearing Pamela speak about surrounding yourself with a supportive community. This was the moment when I first understood the power of having a community of like-minded and supportive entrepreneurs. And this has made all the difference for me as an entrepreneur over the last 2+ years.

This episode will demonstrate the power building strategic relationships in your business. Pamela is an expert at developing community and she will provide you with steps on how to do it strategically in a way that will allow you and your business to flourish.

Here are some of Pamela’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Finding great people and connecting them with each other.

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Thinking about the problem and focusing her energy on solving it.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Facebook

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

Show Highlights

  • Why you need strategic connections to build a strong business.
  • The power of building trust through face-to-face relationships.
  • How to find the right balance of in-person connection time for you.
  • Community building is making a connection with like-minded people around a shared purpose.
  • Pamela highlights several things to consider when determining if a community makes business sense.
  • When building connections, first think about your message and determine who else shares a similar message.
  • Pamela talks about bringing other experts into your community as a unique way to collaborate and serve at a deeper level.
  • Pamela shares her own community mission and why it’s so important to her.

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Question: What types of strategic relationships have paid off for you? I would love to hear some examples of how you’ve used community building and strategic relationships to grow your business. 

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