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katie kelleyMy guest this week is Katie Kelley of Katie Kelley Networks. Katie is a highly sought after Leadership Development Expert, Media Contributor & Inspirational Speaker who partners with leading companies like Google and Kaiser Permanente to fortify and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

Katie just launched Katie Kelley Network’s Leadership Academy where she is teaching her online series, “Critical Lessons for Leaders Who Want It All”.

Are you longing for greater CLARITY, INFLUENCE and FORTUNE in your life?

If so, this is your lucky week! Katie is extending viewers of The Startup Sessions show not one but two incredible offers. To celebrate the launch of Katie Kelley Networks Leadership Academy, Katie will be offering a complimentary online course: Top Ten Questions for Leaders Who Want It All.

Secondly, if you book a private session with her in the month of January, she will comp you the registration fee for two of her new online classes. To schedule your session now, go to KatieKelleyNetworks.com.

Katie was craving CLARITY, INFLUENCE and FORTUNE in her own life so much, that she set out to write a book about how to uncover them and she is thrilled to have found them all. Through her discovery process, she interviewed 45 women and men to find out the secrets for leaders who want it all.

Katie boiled down her findings to ten critical questions that leaders must ask themselves on their own very unique journey of finding their very best self-possessed life. The most critical of these questions are:

  1. How are you determining what it is that you truly want to achieve professionally?
  2. How can you attain the level of influence that is necessary to achieve these goals?
  3. How can you find harmony, joy and sustainability amidst your working life, your families and your relationship with yourself?

In this episode, you’ll learn how Katie answered these questions for herself and how you can become a stronger leader in your career and on your entrepreneurial journey.

Katie will discus:

  • How she transitioned from being both a successful psychotherapist and a sales consultant in New York City to a successful business coach and leadership development expert.
  • Why it’s okay to pivot from one career to the next when you are no longer finding satisfaction in your job.
  • The important process of specializing and finding your niche (and why you shouldn’t force this early on).
  • The thoughtful and responsible way to create your next role.
  • Several ways you can safely prepare for starting your own meaningful business.
  • The most important question everyone should ask before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.
  • How to balance being a mom, a wife and running your own business.
  • The reality of how long it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • The best and worst time to start your own business.
  • What is it that you would do for free and burn the midnight oil for?
  • Why Katie relocated from New York City to Portland and the role it has played in her peace of mind and financial stability.
  • How to stack the odds in your favor as an entrepreneur.
  • Do you really need to be a huge risk taker to be successful as an entrepreneur?
  • Are you mentally tough enough to go the distance and survive as a business owner?
  • Hear about Katie’s current pursuit of adventure (Hint: it involves trying something new and embracing her true essence as an entrepreneurial nerd).

If you want to become a stronger leader, change to a better-suited career or go the distance as a successful entrepreneur, this is the episode for you.

And if you prefer audio, you can listen and subscribe to The Startup Sessions podcast on iTunes! 





Listen and subscribe to The Startup Sessions podcast on iTunes! 


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