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Business Strategy

#142 Lisa Princic:

Hustle vs Heart: Leveraging Your Personal Value to Get Results

You want to thrive, grow as an expert and make a big impact doing what matters. Instead, you are probably spending too much time trying to get noticed, without getting any big results. Lisa Princic calls this the hustle. It’s time to stop doing what everyone else is doing and use your unique value and inner wisdom to align with the right clients.  “Business is a …

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#134 Jenny Shih:

Creating Success Without Sacrifice

Are you currently building a business and finding yourself working 40, 50 or sometimes 60 hours a week to make it successful? Jenny Shih is an uncompromising business coach who will help you succeed at doing work you love without having to make sacrifices in your life. “Success without sacrifice is deliberately creating what is most important to you without […]

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#132 Rebecca Tracey:

How to Finally Make Your Business Work

I invited Rebecca Tracey to come back and share her best tips and strategies to help you create smart, consistent messaging, determine your niche, do smart market research and create smart packages that sell. Highlights of This Episode: Rebecca shares the insights that led her to create Uncage Your Business. Rebecca told me NOT to sign up for her course but I […]

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#131 Alina Vincent:

Packaging Your Knowledge for Explosive Growth

Do you struggle with how to package your skills, expertise and knowledge? Alina Vincent is joining me this week to talk about her favorite subject: helping entrepreneurs leverage their expertise through systems and programs. “If you’ve ever taught or mentored someone, you can create a program.”  – Alina Vincent Highlights of This Episode: How starting a photography business led Alina to her […]

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#124 Patrick Galvin:

How to Build Meaningful Business Relationships

What does it take to build genuine and meaningful business connections? We all know that business success depends largely on our ability to connect with others both in-person and online. In this episode you’ll learn how to master the art of building meaningful business connections that last. “How can you serve others if you don’t know what they need and […]

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#111 Kara Ronin:

How To Boost Your Confidence with Body Language

When you walk into a room, are people naturally drawn to you? Dur­ing a business meeting, do people listen to your ideas? Kara Ronin explains how your body is actually doing more than half of the communicating and how to leverage body language as a powerful tool for building confidence and creating authority quickly. Highlights of This Episode: Kara shares […]

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#102 Rachel Rodgers:

Escaping the Time for Dollars Trap and Protecting Your Assets

Are you caught in the trap of trading time for dollars? And, have you taken the steps to protect your business assets? My guest this week will share the benefits of turning services into successful products along with revealing the top legal mistakes of entrepreneurs. “Take care of your business so that it can take care of you.” Rachel Rodgers […]

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#96 Dorie Clark:

How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following

How do you get your ideas noticed among all the noise in the world today? This week’s guest is Dorie Clark and she has the formula for making your ideas stand out from the rest. In today’s crowded market, coming up with great ideas is not enough to be successful. You must also have a strategy for getting your ideas […]

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