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Business Strategy

#175 Stephanie Hayes:

Designing a Business That You'll Love

It’s a new year! In this episode, we stop comparing bigger income with less time freedom and hear the importance of getting fully aligned with our ideal business! Stephanie Hayes, Serial Entrepreneur & Business Strategist, rolls up her sleeves with me to discuss her process to maximize time & energy as an entrepreneur. My first guest of 2018 joins me for an …

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#172 Michael Knouse:

Four Things Keeping You from Having More Impact, Lifestyle and Freedom

Most entrepreneurs are earning far less than they deserve to be making and are working far harder than they should be. Why?! This week’s episode focuses on the vital questions we must – as entrepreneurs – answer, in order to create a scalable business that will give us the impact, lifestyle and freedom we’re searching for. Why will some entrepreneurs […]

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#171 Michael Knouse:

The 5 Best Business Lessons I’ve Learned This Year

This year has been filled with many firsts and many lessons learned. I know, I know… the year isn’t over yet, but I wanted to share some of the most valuable business lessons that I’ve learned so far. This episode is short, 11-minutes, and there are some nuggets that have truly helped my business become more sustainable and FUN!  Show Highlights Lesson #1: […]

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#170 Danielle Ewalt & Michael Knouse:

How To Choose Your Breakthrough Business Model

We’re shaking it up, listeners! For the first time in 170 episodes, I’ve got a co-host!  Danielle Ewalt, Business Strategist & Council of Visionary Business Builders member, sits down with me to discuss the various business models available to self-funded, independent entrepreneurs.  Which model is right for you?  Danielle and I dissect each of these models and provide insightful perspectives […]

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#160 Matt Given:

How to Harness Your Obsession, Do the Easy Things Right, and Dominate Your Market

This week I sit down with a successful startup founder and professional IRONMAN athlete to discuss the lessons from his 25-year track record in entrepreneurship. Matt Given gives us real-talk on the “healthy” side of obsession, finding patience to make a startup a successful and inevitably, how to reach true domination of your market!  Matt brings a fantastic reminder to […]

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#156 Vanessa Van Edwards:

Death to Your Sales Pitch - Decoding Human Behavior

Vanessa Van Edwards provides her science-backed blueprint for hacking human behavior.  She explains no matter how ‘good’ you are, if you don’t know how to pitch your room, bond with clients, or if you lack negotiation and interview skills, you will always miss the most fundamental part of the sale. Vanessa, puzzle hunter and large scale real-life experience investigator, brought […]

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#151 Ciara Pressler:

Create Your Winning Game Plan

Running a successful business doesn’t happen by sitting on the sidelines. It’s about getting in the game. Ciara Pressler shares her winning strategies for turning vision into action and giving you the guidance, support, and connections you need to move forward. Even those of us who are bravely following our dreams need consistent support. We need advice, encouragement, and community. […]

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#147 Danny Iny:

The Rise of the Educator Entrepreneur

Danny Iny joins me to talk about the future of online courses and how the Teach and Grow Rich opportunity will be life-changing, not just for those who teach but also for those who want to learn. We also discuss the ‘Information vs. Education’ divide that will leave some online entrepreneurs wondering what happened while opening up huge potential for those who […]

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