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10562638_802696706447436_8153335982883621735_oHave you ever felt that your business was missing something?

Have you ever wondered what felt “off” about your offering?

My guest this week is someone who took a huge leap of faith and left the business she started with her partner to pursue a more authentic path for herself.

This takes exceptional courage, especially when your new path feels easier than the old one. After all, shouldn’t change be difficult or challenging?

Andrea Leda is my guest today and she will describe how she finally allowed her business to unfold in the most natural and intuitive way.

“Trust your gut, especially when it feels like this is too easy to be the path.” – Andrea Leda

After 4 years of trying to make her business work, Andrea tried a little experiment. She began infusing her work with something she was naturally good at. And now, Andrea’s business has taken off and it’s never looked brighter.

Andrea is a journal teacher & guide, Certified Life Coach, and blogger. She brings a unique perspective as both a journal guide and life coach to the practice of journal writing. She teaches people how to use it as a tool for less stress, more fulfillment, living out your dreams, finding balance, having better relationships, and navigating big changes.

“True creativity doesn’t happen by thinking about it, it happens by doing it.” – Andrea Leda

The thing you do that feels so natural – so much a part of who you are – is probably the thing you discount and don’t give yourself enough credit for. And having the courage to highlight your natural gifts and talents could be the difference between remaining stuck or soaring to new heights.

If you feel like you haven’t quite hit upon your sweet spot or you feel like you’re working super hard in your business and not getting any traction, then this episode is for you.

Here are some of Andrea’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

  • Being in a mastermind with other business owners.

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Consistency

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Books

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Andrea’s hobby and business world collided so her most exciting adventure is working on her journal ecourses as a result of fully embracing her authentic path this summer.

Show Highlights

  • How journaling can help us connect with ourselves at a deeper level and help us gain clarity in times of change or uncertainty.
  • Navigating the important moments of life through journaling.
  • Andrea discusses how she decided to embrace journaling as her area of expertise and how it was in her back pocket the whole time.
  • Andrea talks about how she spent 4 years trying to make something work before she found her sweet spot.
  • How your inner critic causes you to doubt yourself right when you’re about to take a leap of faith.
  • Your ‘easy’ might be someone else’s ‘hard.’
  • How journaling can enhance your ability to be a creative and visionary entrepreneur.
  • Andrea’s best tip for fitting journaling into your day, even if you’re a hustling entrepreneur.
  • The biggest obstacle that Andrea is working to overcome as she grows her business.
  • How burnout can sneak up on creative entrepreneurs and how to deal with the feeling of “not doing enough.”

Interview Links for Andrea:

  • AndreaLeda.com – Check out Andrea’s website to learn more about her journal courses, coaching services, blog and much more.
  • Journal for Joy is a 21 day course about how to maneuver in the world from a place of self worth, while cultivating your strengths from a place of trusting your intuition. This new course opens for registration on Wednesday, October 22nd. Sign up here to be notified first and receive more info.
  • Ultimate Journal Starter Kit – Get the Ultimate Journal Starter Kit for free and learn how to use your journal to relieve stress & change your life.
  • Say hello to Andrea on Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram

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