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keri murphy 3My guest this week lives by the motto, “You get what you give” and she certainly gives a lot through her work at Inspired Living.

Keri Murphy is the founder of Inspired Living where her sole purpose is to empower people to create an authentic and inspired life.

But it was only a few years ago that Keri was bankrupt and broken. As a serial entrepreneur, she closed a business she loved in 2008 and started completely over. She moved 7 times in 3 years and she still remembers wondering how she was going to afford gas to get to her auditions.

In less than 3 years, Keri created a six-figure business doing — and more importantly — BEing what she always knew she was called to do.

“You can create anything you want in life. Dream it. Live it. BE it!!”     – Keri Murphy

She started doing what she did best and sought out incredible mentors to help her get there. For too long, Keri admits to trying to do it all on her own and then finally realizing how important collaboration is.

Today, Keri and her team are committed to providing you with meaningful and inspirational content that will inspire you to be the agent of change in your life and the reason for change around the globe.

Here are some of Keri’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Mentorship and having a strategy for video

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Keri loves playing the piano and she loves walking and being near the ocean. In addition, her biggest recent adventure was hosting the Oregon Women’s Conference where over 350 people gathered in Portland, Oregon.

Show Highlights

  • Hear how Keri pulled herself from the ashes of a failed business and built the thriving work and life that she’s living today.
  • Why it’s a complete waste of time to prove that you’re good enough to anyone.
  • Just say ‘YES’ to things that scare you.
  • What it means to ignite your “it” factor.
  • Who are you really committed to BEing?
  • Getting clear on what makes you different.
  • Keri talks about the moment when she began listening to her own voice instead of what everyone else was telling her she should do.
  • If you have something that’s tugging at your soul, it’s time to jump and go after it.
  • Why you can’t create what you want on your own.
  • Are you owning a job or running a business?

Interview Links for Keri Murphy:

  • InspiredLiving.tv – Check out Keri’s website to learn more about her mentorship and coaching services, her on-camera training program, inquire about having Keri speak at your event and much more.
  • Ignite your “it” factor – Become the go to “celebrity” expert in your field.
  • Inspired Living TV – Learn Keri’s top tips for success, and hear personal success stories and real life advice from celebrities, experts and real people just like you!
  • The Oregon Women’s Conference – This conference is designed to bring women from all walks of life together to create global change.
  • Say hello to Keri on Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Pinterest  YouTube 

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