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greg-hartleThink you’d have the guts to strike out on a 1000 day journey to all 50 states with nothing more than $10 and a laptop?

That’s exactly what Greg Hartle did to prove what he was capable of and be a source of inspiration and an example of possibility for others who are experiencing a significant life transition and have to start from scratch.

Greg went on to help over 500 people start over while reminding them of what they’re capable of.

Now that Greg has finished his 1000-day journey, he’s focusing his efforts on mentoring startup founders as the founder in residence at Starve Ups in Portland, Oregon. Greg is also facilitating and co-facilitating workshops around the country as well as giving keynotes on twenty-first century skills and entrepreneurship.

“It’s not the events, but rather one’s inner reorientation and self re-imagination that one must go through in order to adapt to change effectively.” – Greg Hartle

Change is happening at an accelerated pace. It’s not a matter of if we’re going change, it’s a matter of when and how readily we can adapt.

Enjoy this episode as Greg digs into what it takes to make a contribution and be an example of possibility in business and in life.

Here are some of Greg’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Take action! Act, analyze, adjust.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Greg just spent over 1,000 days on the road traveling to all 50 states in the US and helping over 500 new entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Show Highlights

  • Greg discusses the difference between achievement and contribution.
  • Being an example of possibility in business and in life.
  • Finding the harmony between taking care of yourself and making a contribution.
  • Figuring out your hypocrisy threshold. This is uncomfortable for most of us and important to all of us.
  • The importance of managing the internal transition process while external changes are unfolding in our lives.
  • The significance of bringing closure to previous experiences and how this can open up a whole new world for us.
  • Knowing how to navigate the ambiguity of unknown outcomes and why understanding this is key to finding success with any new endeavor.
  • Developing creativity and why it’s so important to reduce or eliminate distractions.
  • Greg gives a great example of problem solving with constraints and how this builds creativity and leads to new ideas.

Interview Links for Greg Hartle:

  • GregHartle.com – Check out Greg’s website to learn more about what he’s up to, what he’s excited about, and to contact him about facilitating workshops, programs and keynotes.
  • @greghartle
  • TenLap.com – Ten dollars and a laptop. That’s all Greg Hartle started with when he embarked on a remarkable journey to visit all 50 states and help over 500 people start their own businesses with the resources already available to them.
  • The Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Candid conversations with creative entrepreneurs and insanely interesting people.
  • The Instigator Experience – A conference about bringing bold ideas to life.
  • Sitebuilder.io – Greg is the CEO and Co-Founder of a wonderful web platform that allows you to focus on your business, not confusing technology.
  • Say hello to Greg on Facebook  Twitter  Google+ 

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