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10506665_710127705708715_7106570303653028585_o“Stop telling people you’re going to charge what you’re worth and instead, charge what your work is worth.”

This was the simple yet brilliant advice from my guest this week, Tara Gentile.

Tara Gentile is a brilliant business strategist that helps small business owners capitalize on their big ideas. And today’s episode contains some incredible strategy + actionable guidance on leveraging the ‘You Economy’, developing a strategy for taking things off your plate and finding focus, and quantifying what you can charge for your work.

As Tara will admit, she doesn’t hold back, and that’s what I love about her. She believes that making money in your business should be beautiful and that we all have the capacity to tap into our own unique abilities and the resources around us to create something amazing.

This is one of my favorite quotes from Tara and I think it really represents her love of business and her obsession with helping people in the creator culture…

“The desire for purpose & meaning in work isn’t the burden of a naive generation; it’s the foundation for a new age of commerce.”

Enjoy this game-changing episode as one of the very brightest business minds I know gives you all she’s got.

Here are some of Tara’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Email marketing

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Her recent introduction to the Oregon craft beer industry via her partner. Tara lives in a great area for taking day trips and weekend trips to check out new breweries so she’ll be doing more of that this fall.

Show Highlights

  • Tara shares why she chose Astoria, Oregon as the home base for her work and business.
  • Tara talks about the YOU Economy and why there is no better time to be leveraging your ‘onlyness’ to create value for the community that you want to serve.
  • Tara explains her primary strategy for taking things off your plate and finding focus in your business.
  • Defining your ‘Chief Initiative’ and using it to achieve exponentially more in your business.
  • How to close the gap between doing meaningful work and getting paid really well for it.
  • Making your message matter.
  • Stop trying to charge what you’re worth and charge what your work is worth.
  • How to figure out what your work is worth.
  • Tara speaks about the importance of building a business that represents the uniqueness of you and what you want to create.
  • Why having a mentor is key to playing a bigger game.

Interview Links for Tara:

  • TaraGentile.com – Check out Tara’s website to learn more about her workshops, courses, speaking engagements and ways for accelerating your microbusiness.
  • Stop Trying To Charge What You’re Worth – Read Tara’s popular blog post about charging what your work is worth.
  • Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing – Register for Tara’s free CreativeLive class on August 21-23.
  • Kick Start Labs Membership – Tara’s one of a kind community for business owners to get regular support, make better decisions, get more results, and feel more confident in their ability to grow their businesses.
  • 10ThousandFeet – Tara’s brand new business strategy coaching & mastermind program for developing the product, service, or program that will build your business’s reputation, nurture your community, and generate the revenue you really crave.
  • CoCommercial – A coworking and education space for independent workers and thinkers in beautiful Astoria, Oregon.
  • Say hello to Tara on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram 

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