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The Cohort coaching model


I recognize this year may not have gone as planned. Maybe you were set up for your best year yet and then this little thing called a global pandemic came along.

Maybe you haven’t had the level of growth you thought you’d have… or even feel like you’ve gone backwards in your business.

But maybe this year is more than just salvageable… it can be the year where everything changes for you.

For many consultants, speakers, and thought leaders, their primary business model has been interrupted by a combination of frozen budgets, cancelled events, and a pandemic induced recession.

Being an entrepreneur can be hard enough, even without the disruptions of 2020.

But I believe you have a unique opportunity to make something of it. And the truth is, you have an important decision to make. You can either sit back and wait for things to return to “normal” or you can embrace the existing constraints as an opportunity to redefine how you provide value to your market and add resiliency to your business model.

But this can feel especially intimidating if you don’t have a specific vision or model for ensuring that you can extend your impact and income without sacrificing the integrity of your business.

That’s where the Cohort Coaching Model comes in. Cohort Coaching is a method of extracting your very best intellectual property and business assets and placing them into a scalable coaching offer that complements your existing services.

With the Cohort Coaching Model, I help consultants, speakers, and thought leaders design and implement a Cohort Coaching Program that fits into their market, their brand, their values and their business goals.

What is a Cohort Coaching Model?

A Cohort Coaching Model is a unique process for…

  • Simplifying how you deliver value to your clients virtually,
  • Magnifying the impact of your existing business assets and intellectual property,
  • Increasing your revenue significantly while decreasing your workload,
  • Deepening the level of impact you have with your clients,
  • Creating predictable results for your clients,
  • Building stronger connections within your client community,
  • Extending the value of your services,
  • Creating a powerful revenue stream,
  • Narrowing the focus of your best work into a process that positions you as a one-of-a-kind market leader.

The Cohort Coaching Model Program is designed for experienced coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and thought leaders. This program is designed to combine your current expertise with a powerful client delivery model called ‘Cohort Coaching.’

Cohort Coaching will allow you to deliver your best work virtually, in small-medium sized groups vs individual 1:1 coaching. Whether it’s a corporate setting, non-profit, education, or individuals that share a common desire, Cohort Coaching will allow you to deliver a deeper impact and a higher return on your time and energy compared to speaking engagements, 1:1 coaching or consulting, on-site workshops, writing books, doing podcasts, or leading retreats.

And Cohort Coaching is typically sold as a premium high-ticket offer. Most Coaching Cohorts include 6-20 people and are sold as in-house, company exclusive solutions or highly specialized industry experiences where participants are curated and selected based on their ability to contribute to the cohort.

Most professionals can charge between $1,500 – $5,000 per participant or $7,500 – $25,000 per cohort, depending on the industry and level of expertise being delivered.

These are the 8 core components of the Cohort Coaching Model Program:

1) Evaluation of Your Existing Resources + Assets – We will review the current state of your intellectual property and assets to determine how to best organize them into a Cohort Coaching Model for your market.

2) Planning Your Cohort Coaching Objectives and Timeline – We’ll develop 100% clarity on your long-term business vision and your near-term business objectives using the Cohort Coaching Model for your business. We will define the impact you want to have in your market and the results you’ll create for your clients using the Cohort Coaching Model.

3) Outlining and Designing Your Cohort Coaching Program – We will create a comprehensive and organized approach to building your Cohort Coaching Program by organizing and leveraging your existing assets and intellectual property. This will include choosing a program name, organizing and refining your content, deciding on support materials, and pricing your Cohort Coaching Program.

4) Validating Your Cohort Coaching Program – We will leverage your existing resources to launch a ‘pilot’ version of your Cohort Coaching Program by engaging people who already understand the value of your work. We will ensure that you are creating a Cohort Coaching Program that your market wants, needs, and will pay for.

5) Pre-sell and Enlisting Beta Users – We will enlist beta users for your Cohort Coaching Program and you will guide them through the ‘pilot’ version of your program. This will allow you to gain valuable feedback, client testimonials, and get paid for early stage development.

6) Optimizing Your Business Using the Cohort Coaching Model – We’ll take a close look at how to streamline and optimize your business using the Cohort Coaching Model. This will include a review of other businesses that have successfully implemented this model and will include; setting revenue expectations, optimizing the structure for delivery of your Cohort Coaching Program, and using existing resources to enhance the value of your Cohort Coaching Program.

7) Refinement and Iteration of Your Cohort Coaching Program – Together, we’ll review, refine, and optimize your Cohort Coaching Program to serve you and your clients even better. We’ll examine results from your initial program delivery and use this data to improve the quality and results of your Cohort Coaching Program. This can include modification of delivery, supplementing Cohort Coaching with online content, establishing and tracking key measurables, and streamlining your on-boarding strategy.

8) Positioning and Marketing of Your Cohort Coaching Program – We will select and implement a simple plan to market and sell your Cohort Coaching Program. We’ll also leverage your Cohort Coaching Program to position you as a thought leader in your market. You will learn how to position, market, and sell your Cohort Coaching Program within organizations as well as with individuals. You’ll find that the Cohort Coaching Model is a perfect complement to your existing services and will enhance most of the marketing and visibility activities that you are currently engaged with.

The Cohort Coaching Program is ideal for established coaches, consultants, speakers and thought leaders, who have already experienced considerable business success and are now ready to scale their impact + revenue beyond their own time, energy, and capacity.

These days, the most fun work I do is supporting others with deepening their impact while enhancing their bottom line.

If you think now might be the time to explore what your business could look like by adding a Cohort Coaching Program, then I’d like to personally invite you to dive a little deeper with me.

Michael Knouse
Creator of the Cohort Coaching Model

“The coaching side of our business has grown beyond my most optimistic expectations and the future looks very bright. I’ve been a business owner for 17 years and hiring Michael is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve recommended Michael as a coach to many friends and look forward to continuing to work with him.”

– Patrick Galvin
Speaker & Author/Creator of “The Connector’s Way” Book & Coaching Program

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