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Jill & I just spent three amazing days unplugging at the Oregon Coast and I’ll say straight up that it was hard to come home. We had fun running on the beach, starting happy hour a little earlier than usual, and we even renewed our wedding vows on the same beach where we got married two years ago.

It was a fun weekend to say the least! 

And now I’ve got some incredible business wisdom that’s coming to you in a much shorter format than my typical Thursday show. You can fit this episode into a six minute coffee break.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” 

– Simon Sinek

Today I have a short Biz Wisdom Bomb from a former show guest and branding genius, Michelle Ghilotti.

Michelle is the Founder of Michelle Ghilotti International and she helps people make happiness their business by un-locking CLARITY on their authentic brand.

And today she is delivering a powerful expert tip on how to inject more feeling into your business. This is so important because how you make people feel through your business is everything.

Three ways to infuse more feeling into your business:

  1. What makes you the happiest in life and in business? Take this and infuse it into every aspect of your business including your blog, your website, your podcast, interviews, branding, etc.
  2. Get really clear on the feeling that you want people to have when they experience your business. This will most likely come from your purpose for doing the work you do.
  3. Get exceptionally clear on your zone of genius: the intersection of your innate strengths and what you really care about. 

The questions in today’s episode are super important to articulate and write down – so don’t skip them, OK?

Do me a big favor and share your thoughts below on this new mini-episode format. 

Also, what’s the feeling that you want people to experience when they come into contact with your business?

In gratitude,


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