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I’m Finally Home + Top 5 Episodes of 2017!

I’m finally home! After 10 days in Tennessee with Jill and a week in Maui, I’m happy to be home. I’ll be sharing more about my recent adventures soon but today I want to highlight something else.

I’ve been hosting The Startup Sessions podcast for almost four years now. That’s a lot of conversations! I feel lucky that I get to talk with so many incredible entrepreneurs about their work and the journeys they’ve taken to get where they are now.

This is one of the most fun things I do in my business. I love getting to know the people behind the creative endeavors. It’s fascinating to hear about the many paths to building a thriving business. Not a single one of them is the same. The stories of struggle, triumph, and tenacity are so inspiring and give me hope.

As we head into fall, I wanted to highlight the most popular podcast episodes from the last six months.

Here they are…

Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2017 (so far)

  1. Jill Knouse: Creating Impact, Joy, and Harmony (Episode 155)
  2. Vanessa Van Edwards: Death to Your Sales Pitch – Decoding Human Behavior (Episode 156)
  3. Jessica Eley: You’re Meant for Something Bigger, So Why Do You Feel Stuck? (Episode 163)
  4. Danielle Ewalt & Michael Knouse: How to Choose Your Breakthrough Business Model (Episode 170)
  5. Sarah Jones: Love and Vulnerability; Finding Freedom Through Truth (Episode 169)

Note: This list is based on total downloads per episode as reported by Libsyn (my podcast hosting service).

Coaching Opportunities

I’m busy working on some BIG new updates and plans for my business, which I can’t wait to share with you soon!

I’ve also had some wonderful, long-term clients finish up our work together, so I have 2 spots opening up for new coaching clients this fall. Working with clients one-on-one is the most personalized and intensive work I do. It usually involves a deep inquiry into the impact you want to have, the business model that will help you get there, and the execution to make it inevitable.

So if you…

  • Want to crush it financially in your business
  • Know that you’re meant for really big things but you’re pissed that it’s not happening
  • Have reached a plateau and you know that you need a business model pivot but feel overwhelmed with the details
  • Are looking to align your lifestyle with your business and create more space for creativity, adventure, and play
  • Are ready to make major leaps in your impact and influence and step onto a bigger stage

I can help!

This work is my absolute joy zone!

There are a few ways we can work together – a 4-month coaching accelerator, or a year-long coaching immersion, complete with a personalized retreat experience and a small group adventure mastermind.

Here are what some of my current and past clients have experienced…


SIGN UP HERE for consideration and a complimentary 60-minute strategy session. I will honor the first 10 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Live bravely,


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