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This is not a year in review.

Many accomplishments happened and a lot of things never got done, but those things didn’t define 2013.

It wasn’t the new projects started, words written or goals achieved that made 2013 inspiring and memorable. What made 2013 so special were the new beginnings, changes, events and people who are closer and dearer to me.

Thank you 2013!

  • I decided I could live without a corporate job after being laid off. Instead, I expanded my blogging and coaching work and started a web show that highlights other successful entrepreneurs.
  • We acquired adventure on wheels (in the form of a 1984 Winnebago RV) and drove it from Santa Barbara, CA to Portland, OR, following the California and Oregon coastline. Several days spent together on the road, inspiring new adventures and ambitions for a longer trip in the near future.
  • I made new friends (and discovered new muscles) at a bliss-filled yoga retreat near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • Our family celebrated my parents 50th anniversary by spending a week together at the Oregon Coast.
  • My wife and I trained for and ran our eighth half marathon together.
  • I worked with the best people this year. Johnny inspired me by showing me it’s possible to walk away from a corporate job and succeed at your own thing. Natalie brought my new web site to life with her amazing design skills. Brad worked his magic on the development of my new site. Dakota kept me in shape with brisk training runs (usually uphill). David provided guidance on launching my web show. Shelley is collaborating with me on a new course for 2014. And Jill, who is my lover and my biggest cheerleader, is always there for me and continues to love and support me through it all.
  • I’m thankful for my amazing coaching clients who put their trust in me to guide them through the process aligning meaning with money.

2014 is already shaping up to be an incredible year, but I can’t fully appreciate that without giving 2013 a proper send off.

When I really think about the most memorable moments of 2013, they weren’t about stuff or money. The moments that mattered weren’t connected to outputs or success.

They were simply about people. They were about laughter, tears, holding hands, warm hugs, clinking glasses, simple date nights, running, listening, sharing simple meals, thank you notes and slowing down.

I am so grateful for all the people who made 2013 wonderful for me.

Let’s take a few moments to give 2013 one final send off. Release the bad stuff, embrace the good stuff and then look forward with an open heart for all that 2014 has waiting for you.

Welcome to 2014 my friends. I am incredibly grateful for all of you.


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