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slow down to speed up

For a long time, I felt like I was doing “all the things” and my business required 50+ hours a week and lots of hustling to make it work.

As I look back, the truth is – I was doing “all the things” half assed.

For example, I was hosting a podcast, writing a weekly newsletter, speaking intermittently, and hosting monthly networking dinners.

I’d produce a lot of content and then burn out and take a break.

I also had the following offers:

  • Free strategy sessions
  • Half day intensives
  • VIP days
  • Weekend immersions
  • A group mastermind
  • 1:1 coaching (several versions of this)

And I kept changing the offers I wanted people to buy.

I didn’t have one place for people to start their client journey with me. I had lots and lots of different options for lots and lots of different clients.

To boil it down, I was doing too many things and none of it very well.

To regain my sanity and see sustainable business growth, I had to do less – better.

It felt so weird and counterintuitive.

But the entrepreneurs I admired most seemed to give themselves more time to accomplish fewer things.

Some of them would focus on just one thing all day. I mean all day!

I remember one conversation I had with a peer where she told me she had blocked out her entire Friday to write an article for her blog.

I thought to myself, I’ll bet she could bang that out in an hour or so if she really wanted to.

But I was missing the point. She purposefully gave herself all day to do the one thing she was known for …writing content for one of the most popular blogs in her market.

Then it occurred to me. She has one of the most popular blogs in her market because she slows down and makes it really incredible.

It’s her artform. It reflects the methodical time and space she dedicates to it.

I felt for a long time I had to move faster in my business because that’s what savvy entrepreneurs do.

But real talk – working smarter is about doing way less and doing it better.

Remember, the tortoise beat the hare. And I can see why.

When I acted like the hare, I would try to rush to get a lot done – produce some average work and then wonder why I didn’t get better engagement.

My business was like riding a stationary bike. I was burning a lot of energy and staying in the same place.

When I started acting like the tortoise, I felt like I was moving at a pathetic pace.

But I started taking the time to think about what I was doing.

I stopped rushing through my days and weeks.

I cleared my plate of 80% of the stuff I thought I needed to do and instead, focused only on my zone of genius activities.

I started taking regular breaks so I didn’t burn out.

And honestly, I felt way better about the quality of my work.

If you’re currently running like the hare, I challenge you to slow down and take time to prioritize what you’re working on.

If you’re the tortoise already, make sure you’re focused on the right things.

Contrary to what it feels like, your business can move a lot further and faster when you slow down and do less, better.

Remember this simple phrase: Slow down to speed up.

To doing less and doing it better,


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