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Your job as an entrepreneur – find the win-win-win

This single mindset shift has been huge for me. I’m talking about the shift from thinking about business as a zero sum game (for me to win someone else has to lose) to a positive sum game (we can all win). Your job as an entrepreneur is to make 1+1 equal anything greater than 2.

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Can you take a month off?

It’s become fashionable to dis hustle culture, but there’s also a dangerous notion floating around that we’re entitled to things we haven’t worked for. These two ideas represent extreme ends of the entrepreneur spectrum which I believe sets us up for disappointment and failure. Hustling non-stop isn’t sustainable for most of us. And neither is having your head in the clouds, believing that a magical unicorn will grant you a beautiful business that fulfills your grandest desires.

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How Busyness Nearly Ruined Me

Growth without vision and clarity leads to exhaustion, disconnection, and discontentment. Hard work with the wrong philosophy leads to limitation and frustration.

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The Sneaky Ways We Hold Ourselves Back

10 years of working for myself has offered up one big realization: This journey comes with a few hidden traps. Mostly traps of my own making. Subtle forms of self-sabotage that, at times, have hindered my ability to make progress. So today I’ll share some of the ways we hold ourselves back. And I’ll tell you how I outsmart them.

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21 Tiny Habits That Will Transform Your Life

Habits are the cheat code to success. Plug in the right habits and success is simply a matter of repetition. But the opposite is also true…Stack the wrong habits and… well… best be prepared for a life filled with frustration, discontent, and regret. Truth is…Your life at this very moment is the culmination of the habits and routines you’ve hardwired into your programming.

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Why You Can’t Trust Your Own Brain

Your brain will try to convince you of all the things you ARE NOT. That you aren’t creative enough, young enough, old enough, smart enough, cool enough, brave enough, expert enough. Trusting your own brain is a difficult challenge. Can you silence your brain long enough to actually attempt something meaningful?

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The Benefit of Making Tiny, Bold Moves

By acknowledging that you’ll naturally want to stay comfortable and resist change, you won’t give up when the discomfort and pain happens. In fact, you’ll welcome it as a sign that you’re on the right path to growth. The more we rail against what’s not working, the more likely we are to stay trapped there.

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