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Wandering oceanside at Bullard’s Beach State Park just north of Bandon, Oregon

“Wander a whole summer if you can. Time will not be taken from the sum of life. Instead of shortening, it will definitely lengthen it and make you truly immortal.”

– John Muir

Yesterday morning started off with the intent to run three miles with my wife. We took off from the campground and headed in the direction of the beach.

A little over a mile into our run we crested a sand dune to see the mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing on the beach.

We made our way down to the sand and continued our journey. And as we looked down we couldn’t help but marvel at the countless stones, shells, and goodies that were exposed on the beach.

So we slowed our pace and enjoyed the anticipation of seeing more and more translucent stones (also known as agates) with every stride.1896767_10152395577164037_5859936011378679118_n

When we finally looked up long enough to see what else was around, another treasure presented itself. Just within sight, we could see a lighthouse down the beach.

It was no question whether we would continue our run to the lighthouse. It was only a matter of how long it would take us to get there

I quickened my stride as Jill continued to take in the beauty of the beach. And just as I reached the lighthouse my Garmin chirped to alert me that we had already run three miles – the entire distance that we had planned to run.

1546154_10152395566344037_1099742726923938737_nUnintentionally, our run had just doubled in length.

The joy of pursuing the next adventure had taken us off course and presented us with miracle after miracle.

Sometimes you just need to let yourself get lost and enjoy the adventure of it all.

The headwinds were strong as we returned to camp but neither one of us questioned the decision to get lost in the moment and follow our little adventure.

By doing so we were able to make new discoveries, see Oregon’s newest (built in 1890) lighthouse, and laugh about our unplanned six-mile run. And breakfast tasted so much better after battling those headwinds!

Embracing adventure.

As a young boy, adventure looked like riding horseback in the mountains of Northeast Oregon. It looked liked snow skiing with my friends at the small ski resort nearby.

A little later in life, adventure looked like leaving for college at a town five hours away from home. It looked like water skiing behind my roommate’s old boat after class and on weekends. And during the summers between semesters, adventure came in the form of working for the Forest Service on a Hotshot Fire Crew and battling wildfires across the Western US.

shortyNow, adventure looks like hitting the road for three weeks in our vintage 1984 Chieftain Winnebago RV.

I have always embraced adventure and it’s looked different depending on the phase of my life. Adventure has been a constant. It’s the thing that makes me feel most alive.

Adventure looks different for everyone.

Adventure takes many different forms. For some, adventure looks like writing poetry. For others it’s learning to play a new musical instrument. And for my friends Dakota and Chelsea Gale, it means customizing a Sprinter van and hitting the road for months and then deciding to cycle across the country.

You can learn more about Dakota and Chelsea’s inspiring adventure at Traipsing About.

Whatever the adventure, let it take you.

If you’ve been contemplating an adventure, plan it!

As my friend Kedma Ough says, “Just buy the airlines tickets. You’ll figure out the details between now and when it’s time to go.”

Most of us have something that we’ve been planning to do. Write a screenplay. Travel to New Zealand. Start a business. Approach a mentor.

Well, my advice is to seize the moment and deploy the plan that has long sat dormant in your head. Instead of trying to make something happen, let it grab you. Let the idea of adventure seep into your soul and get consumed by it.

When someone suggests you’re crazy for thinking this way (as is almost always the case), embrace the wildness of your idea and get lost in it.

And when the magic of the idea starts pulling you further in the direction of your dreams – follow it.

Every adventure that I’ve taken has exposed me to boundless opportunities that would otherwise have gone undiscovered.

Embrace the fullness of your desires and take one step towards creating an adventure that’s been calling you.

It might just be what your soul needs to open up to new possibilities.

Adventure on!


P.S. Share one step, however small, that you will take towards your next adventure.

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