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“The ability to lead a happy life is made, not found.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

In 2013, I was having one of my best years as a Sales Executive, beating my quotas and on track to do even better.

From the outside, you would have thought I had it all figured out.

  • Solid six-figure income
  • Monthly investments
  • Great health insurance
  • Working from home
  • An expense account for entertaining clients

You get the picture.

I was winning the game in society’s eyes. But privately, I was losing the game that really mattered.

The more I was succeeding, the greater the demands on my time. To continue the momentum, I was having to let go of the things I enjoyed most in life.

Work travel, meetings, emails, and entertaining clients took up the majority of my time.

Frantically busy, I was missing key moments with my family and friends. I was losing my joy in the work.

Then in July of 2013, it all came to a crashing halt. I was told that our entire team was being laid off as part of a company restructuring.

I quickly reoriented myself to doing something I once dreamed of – starting my own coaching business.

Fast forward to 2016 and I had replaced my corporate income with my coaching business.

Once again, looking from the outside, you would have thought I had it all figured out.

  • Plenty of clients
  • Income doing something I loved
  • Flexibility with my time
  • Working from home
  • Location independent
  • Hosting my own podcast
  • No more travel for work (unless I wanted to)
  • Yet, somehow I had brought the busyness along with me.

The more success I was having, the more demands there were on my time.

To scale and grow my business, I was having to let go of the things I once said I wanted – autonomy, freedom, more time for myself and those I cared about.

Coaching, speaking, podcasting, marketing and networking were my new forms of busyness.

I had re-created the same issues I’d had while working for someone else.

I was happier doing coaching work but my focus on constant growth sidetracked me from the reasons I wanted to work for myself in the first place.

I was beginning to lose my way.

Even though I was making more money, I was getting further away from living my desired life.

Growth without vision and clarity leads to exhaustion, disconnection, and discontentment. Hard work with the wrong philosophy leads to limitation and frustration.

My intent was to make enough to live comfortably, spend more time with my wife and friends, and see the world.

But my desire for growth and my old pattern of busyness had taken over.

Thanks to numerous conversations with peers, mentors, and my wife, in 2018 I adopted a radically different philosophy and gradually started to change course.

I started to think very seriously about enjoying my life along the way and working less without making less.

I gradually started to shift my focus to better, not bigger. Doing less rather than more. And simplifying my business to support my desired life instead of the other way around.

I chose to re-invest in my family and my quality of life. I chose to design a life I didn’t ever want to retire from.

It was a commitment to living my richest life right now, including money and everything else that matters most.

It meant scaling up on a few things, yet eliminating and scaling back on others.

I remember feeling really nervous about some of the constraints I had created for myself:

  • Fewer clients
  • Simpler engagements
  • Charging more
  • Letting go of my podcast
  • Stop doing everything myself
  • Not working past 5:00 pm
  • More travel & ski days

These things were in direct conflict with my beliefs about needing to work harder to achieve things, doing everything myself, and never having enough time.

My new beliefs were about working smarter instead of harder, actively streamlining my business via partnerships, systems and process, and using leverage to have time work in my favor.

And now I am doing the same financially, I have a better relationship with my wife, and my work schedule is more harmonious with my life than ever before.

Are You Living Life or Is Life Living You?

In business, we often focus on growth and scaling so much because we think it’s the path to freedom.

But as I have experienced myself, this kind of conditioned thinking actually limits my freedom and prevents me from living my ideal life.

Our businesses may be growing, but at the expense of life, missing out on relationships and memories – all in the name of “someday.”

What do you really want?
What is working and what would you love to delegate, ask for support, or have more time for?
What makes you feel fulfilled?
What would you do if money were of no concern?

And are your efforts to scale and grow your business leading you closer to, or further away from your true desires?

Knowing your priorities and designing your life consciously is critical. But as I learned myself, it often takes an outside perspective. It takes someone willing to challenge your limiting beliefs to create a new possibility. It takes getting out of your normal routine and asking new questions.

When my mentors and peers challenged my existing paradigm, everything started to change.

I found a way to simplify and boost the bottom line by cutting programs that created excessive busyness.

I cut out activities I once believed were necessary and found more time to travel and be with my family.

I partnered with two other coaches to serve groups of clients in coaching cohorts.

I was fortunate that I had people in my life that challenged me and got me thinking clearly again.

Gradually, I began designing my business around my desired life instead of cramming my life in to fit around my business.

Who is asking you the tough questions to expose your conditional thinking and discover your richest life?

Introducing “Design Your Destiny Immersion Experience”

Knowing my vision, designing my life, and living it is a deep and profound lesson that I haven’t kept to myself. I have shared it with others in my previous coaching engagements.

This year, Jill and I want to bring even more focus and intention to creating a life and business that you never want to retire from.

Our intention is to work with three carefully selected individuals to:

  • Unlock Your Vision – Get creative and produce a compelling vision.
  • Design Your Destiny – Get precise about what matters to you and why.
  • Create With Intention – Implement steps that move your forward.
  • Optimize for Joy – Architect your life and work for impact, contribution and joy.

We have one agenda: to create your richest life by taking your business and life to a new level of expansion faster than you ever thought possible.

We’re calling this “Design Your Destiny Immersion Experience.”

We’ll help you map out your richest life. You’ll strategize on how to remove distractions, find clarity, and create space. We open up our toolbox, wisdom and resources while supporting you with creating and implementing your grandest vision.

You’ll take time to get clear on what really matters to you. You’ll explore and experiment with what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you eliminate distractions and identify opportunities that light you up.

You’ll pinpoint a theme for your year and get crystal clear on 3-5 objectives for each quarter and for the year.

It is about letting go of busyness, distraction, and drama to reclaim time while living fully and having more fun and making your contribution along the way.

It is about discovering your unique value and finding efficient ways to deliver it in the real world. Furthermore, it’s about doing it in a way that works for your family and life, and to live your legacy.

It is about finding hidden leverage, tapping into resources that are dormant, and finding ways to begin living your best life right now.

We believe it’s so important to experience immersion as part of this process. That’s why we build in a three day retreat where you’ll slow down, immerse yourself in nature, and create enough space for the creativity to naturally flow.

In our experience, magic happens when we…

  • Slow down
  • Do yoga by a river
  • Experience the beach on horseback
  • Kayak with sea otters
  • Hike among majestic rocks
  • Enjoy a beer around a bonfire

In past coaching immersion experiences, we’ve helped people:

Is the “Design Your Destiny Immersion Experience” for you?

Are you ready to consciously design your ideal life? If so, Design Your Destiny Immersion Experience may be for you.

I wish I could promise you that this process will be easy, but the likely scenario is that it will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

Fortunately, hard things usually create the opportunity for transformation, especially if you’ve got experience and guidance on your side.

Jill and I have 25+ collective years of taking risks and consciously creating our lives and one of our greatest joys is helping others get aligned with theirs.

It hasn’t been a cake walk and we’ve got the bumps and bruises to prove it! But that’s the beauty of working with mentors and coaches that have been where you’re wanting to go.

We’re here to guide, inform, nurture, and bring forth your greatest ambitions for living a whole and happy life, making the contribution that you’re called to make.

Maybe you’re called to; start a dog rescue, help women entrepreneurs get funded for their businesses, help others overcome a health condition, build a ranch to host epic events/retreats, quit your soul-sucking job, lead retreats overseas, or bring change to government.

These are all things we’ve helped others successfully navigate.

Is it your turn?

If you’re game for cultivating the kind of deep, profound trust that comes from showing up honestly, in solidarity with your soul, with a sound commitment to move forward in honor of what you actually want, you’re soooo very close to making some magic happen.

I encourage you to reach out and apply for the Design Your Destiny Immersion Experience.


Let’s get intentional about living, freeing up your time for what matters most, and building a life + work that’s a unique reflection of you!

Live bravely,

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