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How much time do you give yourself to believe new things?

People are often shocked when they hear that I spend months working on believing ONE new thing.

I was attending my coach mastermind last week and I asked my peers to brainstorm something I’d been thinking intensely about.

And you know what they did?

They challenged me to BELIEVE in my idea. Brilliant! 

Belief first. And then action.

I once spent an entire YEAR believing that I could replace my sales executive income as a coach.

And when the belief clicked in, the money quickly followed. 

Here’s the simple formula:

Belief + Action = Exponential Results.

In that order.

But here’s the tricky part. Working on your beliefs can take time. But not as much time as taking action without changing the belief.

My clients feel relief when I tell them to give themselves more time to create their next offering, choose a niche, raise their prices, or clarify their message.

Rushing doesn’t help. It just creates overwhelm and adds pressure. 

Forcing belief creates more disbelief. 

Whatever you are trying to believe – whether it’s enrolling your first client or making your first $100k – start with a commitment, not belief. 

Make the commitment to yourself that you will never give up. Commit that you will get help and figure it out, no matter what.

And then give yourself time. 

Giving yourself time to believe doesn’t lead to avoidance or procrastination; that comes from disbelief (you will always know the right action to take by how it makes you FEEL). 

Giving yourself time to believe comes from confidence and conviction, and leads to really doing the work and trusting that results will come in the right timing for you. 

I recently gave myself 3 months to believe something new. How did I KNOW I was doing that? 

Every day I was either working towards the belief, or I was actively working through the emotion of NOT believing.

I wasn’t binging Netflix, mindlessly scrolling my Instagram feed, or spinning in confusion. And I wasn’t desperately searching for the HOW.  

I knew that the HOW was believing. I was committed. I knew that the answer was creating space and time for that new belief to solidify.

Sustainable results don’t come from white-knuckling and force. They come from calm creativity. They come from opening up to possibility – not shutting down.

You’ll never hustle your way to a new belief. But you can welcome it with patience and commitment. 

Live bravely,

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