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Hanging Out With Pioneers On The Oregon Trail

Portland, Oregon – Last week I spent 2 ½ days with fellow independent entrepreneurs at a brand new conference called Pioneer Nation. If there was ever an event hand-crafted for me, this would be it. The entire affair was geared towards independent entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers that are creating their own work and forging their own destinies. I …

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Decoding Your Genius

Do you ever wish you had a secret decoding device that would help you determine what it is that you’re meant to do? All you would have to do is input a few details and BLAM! Out would come the perfect business idea suited specifically to your skills, strengths and interests. This flawless device would  present you with the work […]

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The Unconventional Startup

Once you decide to embrace the idea of doing work you love, it’s important to think about your overall goal for doing this work. Like many people, when I first contemplated the idea of working for myself, I thought that choosing this path was the key to personal freedom. As it turns out, I began to recognize that how you […]

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Launching a Legacy: A Good Blueprint For A Life With Meaning

The first time I heard the term ‘Legacy Work’ was a little over a year ago. I was enjoying some time off during the holidays and catching up on some reading from some of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau. His book The Art of Nonconformity is a continual influence on this project and on my life. In the book, Chris champions the idea […]

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