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My ‘New Look’ Business and Life

The reason I’ve been quiet is pretty simple. I haven’t felt inspired to write or share ideas …until now. I’ve recently embraced how important it is to not force it. People can feel it when you’re doing something out of obligation vs enjoyment. And over the last year or so, my tolerance for doing anything out of obligation has completely vanished. As a recovering people pleaser, it has felt pretty darn good NOT to do anything unless it feels really good. I used to think this was a selfish way to be. Now I know it is and that’s the whole point.

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Why do we make business so hard?

Is the current state of your business giving you the itch to try a new tactic or strategy this year? If so, here’s an often overlooked procedure that you can (and should) take advantage of right now.

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Failure and Disappointment

Starting out, I had big dreams of replacing my job income with my coaching income quickly. What I didn’t foresee were all the failures I’d experience and that it would take me nearly TWO YEARS for that dream to come true. Reaching our goals may take a lot longer than we initially think. But it’s holding tight to our vision that will make us better entrepreneurs.

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My Biggest Business Blunders

Have you ever wished you knew the mistakes you could make before you made them? Check out the biggest business blunders I’ve made in this week’s blog post.

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How To Be Average At Everything

During the past year I’ve said “no” to a lot. The reason? I’ve said “yes” to waaaaay too many things in the past. I’ve said “yes” to things like: Virtual coffee dates with anyone who wants to… with no filter around the purpose of the call. Discovery calls with prospects that aren’t a great fit. Producing content for a podcast, […]

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Give Yourself More Time

How much time do you give yourself to believe new things? People are shocked when they hear that I spend months working on believing ONE new thing.

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