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It can be a very scary step – starting to listen to those whispering voices about being more of who we really are.

But doing so isn’t half as scary as facing our end with the question, “what if my whole life has been wrong?” In the clip below from the movie, ‘The Shift’, Wayne Dyer speaks about how he was inspired to write himself the note, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

What is the music inside of you that yearns to be expressed?

If you’re not living your life exactly the way you want, why not? Before you dismiss this thinking as ‘pie in the sky’, I challenge you to really consider the possibility of creating a life where you are completely aligned with your work.

Will this happen over night?

Probably not.

Will it require work and sacrifice?

Most definitely.

For most of us, there is a ‘waking up’ phase.

I spent many years after college (14 to be exact) just going through the motions and doing what I thought would please everyone else. This included many years of sitting in a cube or traveling all over the place, doing work that I didn’t really care about.

At first it was exciting. And then my soul would start to cringe at the thought of doing this for the rest of my life. And I would fall into the pattern of chasing the next job, the next promotion or the next whatever would give me a brief dose of excitement.

The problem was that I was never truly fulfilled in these jobs. They never mattered that much except that they paid well and kept me distracted enough so that I never had to think very deeply about what I really wanted.

But then I began to wonder if there was something else.

Something better.

Something more meaningful.

What if there was another way to spend my time where I could align my core values with my work and create income + impact while making a difference?

And that question is what led me to begin exploring other possibilities. Things like teaching, creating, connecting and serving others in a very natural and real way.

And then I began experimenting with ways that I could get paid to do something that really mattered to me. Something that excited me. Something that I would wake up excited about every single day.

Do you wake up excited about your work every day?

That’s my litmus test question for everyone. If you don’t wake up excited about how you’re serving the world, then it’s probably time to change something. Ignoring it will not make it go away.

Live bravely,


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