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You should read this if you’re someone who’s putting a lot of work into your business and not getting solid results from your effort.

After 2500+ hours of coaching business builders over the past eight years, here are the three most common mistakes I’ve seen.

Mistake #1: Not focusing on a specific audience/niche/specialty, etc. and not solving a relevant problem for a specific market.

This is what’s classically known as your ‘market-product fit’. This mistake typically happens when there’s not enough validation work done up front with your offer or product, and it’s not properly aligned to the real ‘pains’ or problems that your market has, or the real ‘gains’ or motivations that your market wants.

Tip: Focus on a specific problem someone cares deeply about, and solve that problem – you’ll get real traction and make your business exponentially easier to grow.

(This is one of the first exercises you complete in Impact Accelerator, where we focus on finally dialing this in.) 

Mistake #2: The friction between you, how you market, how you sell, and what you charge.

Another mistake I see over and over again is when you get excited about a specific marketing tactic (going ‘live’ on Instagram, posting YouTube videos, cold outreach via LinkedIn, evergreen webinars, content marketing, etc.) and you try to grow your business in a way that doesn’t align with your most natural skill-set or innate talents. This is the classic mistake of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

This creates a sub-mistake of operating from scarcity – feeling needy with the few prospects you do manage to attract and projecting your ‘neediness’ onto your potential clients in your consultation or discovery calls, which results in icky feelings all around.

This also leads to another sub-mistake of charging too much or too little to make your business profitable or even worthwhile. (Some entrepreneurs bring their own flawed financial issues into this part of their business model, making things way harder on themselves.)

Tip: Choose a method of marketing and selling that magnifies your skills and your natural talents. I call this ‘Genuine Marketing’ and it’s one of the things we figure out in Impact Accelerator. (Business is hard enough without having to learn a bunch of new skills and dreading how you show up in your business every day.)

Mistake #3: Poor execution.

Even if you have your business model nailed, a lack of focus on the right activities for growing your business will produce very little cash flow and clients in your business.

I’ve seen a lot of brilliant offers sit on the shelf collecting dust simply because the resources of the business owner aren’t being focused properly and/or the business owner doesn’t understand the proper sequencing of what to do and when to do it.

Tip: Examine your calendar and honestly assess all the activities that truly produce revenue, opportunity, or wins in your business, and give them more time and energy. 

Depending on where you are right now, your experience probably looks like one of the two paths below…

Pushing a ‘bad-fit’ business model is a lot of hard work!

Most people try to change the person in the equation, yet most people have all the skills + talent necessary to win right now. 

We just need to re-shape your business so it rolls along with a lot less effort.

And I’d love to speak with you about how to make that happen.

I am busy working on some BIG new plans for my business, which I can’t wait to share with you soon!

In the midst of this, I have 2 spots open for new private coaching clients. 

So if you are:

  • Feeling frustrated or at a loss with what to do next
  • Working on launching something new and feel overwhelmed with the details
  • Transitioning to a new stage of business and need insight and guidance
  • Focused on growing your client base and need a strategic way to get there
  • A former client ready for a tune-up and fresh ideas
  • Ready to make major leaps in your business and need some help feeling confident and strong as you step onto a bigger stage…

I can help! This work is my joy zone.

To Better Business Models,


P.S. If you are ready to create a potent and purposeful business by sharing your deepest gifts and want help articulating your value, attracting your dream clients in a way that is aligned with your values, ethically enrolling high-value clients, and you’ve already created transformation for the people you serve, then you might be a great fit for Impact Accelerator.

Impact Accelerator is my premier 1:1 coaching experience where we solve the 3 mistakes above and remove anything that’s blocking you from extraordinary results.

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