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Did you know that 9 out of 10 service-based business don’t have a model or a process that they take their clients through to get them to their desired end result?

I think that’s kind of crazy, but it’s so true. And it wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t have a repeatable process for getting my clients consistent results.

Service entrepreneurs come to me (consultants, speakers, creative professionals, coaches, etc.) because they provide a transformation for their clients (drop 20 pounds, close bigger deals, find the love of your life, become a 6-figure speaker, etc.) but they’re frustrated with hitting a revenue plateau, feeling out of integrity with marketing their service, or just tired of hustling so damn hard.

Most of these business owners are amazing at what they do, but can’t seem to get out of overwhelm or the constant grind of hustling all the time and feeling burnt out and maxed out.

And quite frankly, that sucks!

I hear them say things like;

“I wish that I could just show up in my business and do the work I love most. But my business never allows me the time I need to be in my zone of brilliance. There’s always a launch to do, decisions to make, and things to manage.”

“If I could only get off of this constant treadmill, I’d finally be able to focus on just the work that will have the biggest impact for my clients.”

And I can sympathize with these frustrations. I’ve felt them myself as recently as last week.

However, these statements miss the real reason why business owners struggle to outsmart the hustle and perform their unique genius work to realize their vision of having more impact, influence, and freedom.

If you’re constantly building and delivering custom services for your clients or finding it challenging to put your clients through a process that ends with them getting the exact results you’ve promised, book a call with me so I can tell you how I help service-based business owners streamline and systematize their unique process into a comprehensive methodology that delivers consistent results without perpetually launching and hustling.

Yes, that was a mouthful, but it’s ONE of the THREE key elements that we put in place during the Council of Visionary Business Builders.

The Council of Visionary Business Builders is a 6-month cohort of 10 individual entrepreneurs that transform their businesses by…

  • Narrowing their focus and creating their unique process to get proven results for their clients,

  • Optimizing their business for magnitude so that it doesn’t depend on constant hustle,

  • And amplifying their influence so that they can reach more people with their thoughts and ideas.

The Fall Council kicks off in September. If you have the desire to grow your business with more focus, integrity and ease, APPLY HERE for one of the 10 spots.

Live bravely,

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