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best of 2014

I spent a lot of time this past year talking to independent entrepreneurs and business builders on my podcast. I also wrote about my experiences with starting a business and leaving the corporate world behind.

For the most part, every week last year…

  • I wrote a new blog article.
  • I published a new podcast interview with someone I admire every Thursday morning.
  • I coached and consulted with aspiring entrepreneurs and people in the midst of changing their careers and creating amazing new businesses.

The end of the year got me wondering which podcast episodes and articles were the most popular last year. So I began sifting through the data to find the favorites.

I’ve listed the top podcast episodes and articles of the year, below.

I hope this helps you discover an insight you might have missed or reignite some motivation to get you over your next hurdle.

Top Podcast Episodes of 2014

  1. Stop Trying to Charge What You’re Worth with Tara Gentile (TSS 040)
  2. How Jason Spencer Went From Delivering Pizza to $150k+ in 12 Months (TSS 050)
  3. How To Quit A 6-Figure Cushy Job And Start Your Own Business with Farnoosh Brock (TSS 052)
  4. Making Happiness Your Business with Michelle Ghilotti (TSS 028)
  5. Become The Most Memorable Person In The Room with Vanessa Van Edwards (TSS 019)
  6. Start Before You’re Ready with Kari Chapin (TSS 037)
  7. Getting Out Of Overwhelm and Making Your Business Work For You with Val Geisler (TSS 053)
  8. Tyler Tervooren on Smart Risk-Taking And Answering The Call Of Adventure (TSS 051)
  9. Nick Loper On How To Build A Side Hustle While Working Your 9–5 (TSS 024)
  10. From Unknown To Expert with Catriona Pollard (TSS 048)

 Note: This list was based on total downloads from Libsyn (my podcast hosting service)

#1 Most Popular Podcast Episode – Even though it was recorded in 2013, I thought it would be a disservice to not include everyone’s favorite episode to date. This was only the third episode I ever recorded but it seemed to strike a chord. People must really enjoy what my wife had to say! 🙂

 Top Blog Articles of 2014

 Note: This list was defined by the posts with the most visits.

The Work

This is what I do for a living. I make stuff to help you close the gap between struggling, scratching and scrapping by to being a fully engaged, creative, joyful and profitable creative entrepreneur.

I create this stuff because we all struggle with doing work that matters, leaving careers that drain us and get meaningful businesses off the ground. We chase down dreams and ideas (or they chase us down) because we are inspired to create, serve and make a difference.

Thanks for being part of my world this year. I realize there’s a lot of information out there and I strive to offer guidance that is both inspirational and actionable. Here’s to many more years of conquering our fears, taking steps forward and sharing our full hearts with others.

Happy New Year!


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